Clean up the world of fashion

In the past decades, a lot of effort has gone into creating a supply chain for our fashion industry. Those supply chains aren’t always very positive for our planet. Being a young new player in the market we are aiming to do things a little differently. We don’t just want to be the next new fad. Our aim is to provide fashionable clothing items that will last, focusing on quality of materials and trying to create a climate neutral or even positive product.

Currently we are working with suppliers that provide us fabrics that are Fair Trade and use organic cotton. For our new crewneck sweatshirts we will be using fabric that combines organic cotton and recycled polyester. This polyester is recycled from plastic waste near the textile factory. We believe that this is the way to go for all of our future endeavors and will continue to put quality and waste reduction in the spotlight. Keep it kwaly!

Looking for some Fair Trade organic cotton t-shirts?

fall 2018 black shirt 100% organic cotton
100% Organic Cotton t-shirt

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